“Bouncer” Protects Android Market, Apple Drums Up 278 Claims Against Samsung, Panasonic Forecasts $10 Billion Loss

Introducing The Android Market “Bouncer.” Google’s newly announced Bouncer is a service that detects security threats coming from apps in the Android app store. The service checks out any app uploaded to the app store for known security threats, and watches it for suspicious behavior. The service also analyzes new developer accounts. —NS

Apple Drums Up 278 Claims Against Samsung In Australia. Apple has extended its legal proceedings against Samsung in Australia. Its new line of attack has grown from three claims on patents involving the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to 278 claims, over 22 patents and 10 devices, some of which have yet to be launched. As legal battles involving Apple patents swell in number, a Chicago judge is beginning to object, asking for a “winnowing” of claims in a Apple vs. Motorola suit. —NS

Panasonic Forecasts $10 Billion Loss . Electronics maker Panasonic is forecasting a grim year and a loss of $10.2 billion. The reason–a wayward TV business with steadily dipping sales and, according to some, a lack of strategy for a solid turnaround. The company will cut 17,000 jobs by the end of March. —NS

–Updated 5:45 a.m. EST

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