Amazon (Sorta) Launches In India, Apple Denied German Galaxy Device Ban, Tumblr Hiring Writers And Editors

Amazon’s Strange India Launch. Amazon has long been keen to enter India, as it’s the third largest e-commerce market there is, and now it’s done so–just not as you may expect. Instead of launching a local version, its new site is called Junglee, and while it’s a shopping portal you can’t buy goods. It’s actually an aggregator for other smaller retailers, cataloging their products and listing store locations and phone numbers. –-KE

German Court Says No To Apple’s Samsung Ban Demand. The latest wrinkle in the Apple vs. Samsung IP battle has just seen a German court refuse Apple’s request for a ban on the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1N and Nexus phone. The 10.1N is a work-around that Samsung managed on their initial tablet design to visually distinguish the device from the iPad–with the earlier 10.1 edition being the target of a successful IP dispute by Apple. –KE

Tumblr Hires Writers. We’d picked up on early indications that blogging platform Tumblr was moving toward original content. Now it’s hired both writers and editors as it plans to publish content about Tumblr itself. Chris Mohney, SVP for content at BlackBook Media, is the editor in chief, and senior writer/editor for Newsweek and Daily Beast Jessica Bennet is executive editor and correspondent. The goal it seems is to market and explain Tumblr to users and is the latest effort by the rapidly growing site to surface new content and consolidate its offering a little. —KE

[Image: Flickr user mckaysavage]

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