Facebook S-1 Today? Amazon Sees Q4 Bump In Sales And Dip In Profit, Google Pilots Program For Indian Women Entrepreneurs

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B&N Won’t Stock Amazon Titles. Book seller Barnes & Noble has decided not to stock titles that competitor Amazon is publishing via This decision is in response to Amazon’s bid to sign on publishers and authors further upstream in the publishing process and gain exclusive access to published work. According to B&N, that isn’t playing fair, and could affect potential authors pondering a partnership with Amazon. —NS


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PlayStation Head Hirai To Lead Sony. Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s lead on the company’s successful PlayStation video games, will head the company as CEO and president starting in April. He’ll take over from Howard Stringer, and, it is hoped, will work his magic to cause a company turnaround the same way he propelled a once-ailing PlayStation to success. —NS

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Facebook S-1 Filing Today? Possibly the hottest S-1 filing in a decade, Facebook’s well-scrutinized, healthily anticipated IPO may pop like a ripe zit today. (Sorry, you are probably trying to enjoy your morning coffee–but it’s a young company so seems appropriate!) While the essential details have been hashed out with reasonable certainty, in advance of any official word, there’s still room for things to get a bit weird. Hang on to your hats. Watch this space. —NS

Amazon Sees Bump In Q4 Sales And Dip In Profit. In their Q4 earnings report, Amazon announced a 35% increase in sales to $17.4 billion for the quarter, compared to $12.95 billion a year ago. In the last nine weeks of last year, there was a 177% increase in Kindle sales, including the Kindle Fire, which is now the top-selling and most-gifted product on Those numbers failed to boost the overall performance, with profits dipping by 58% since 2010. —NS


Google Pilots Program For Women Entrepreneurs In India. Through the Women Entrepreneurs Of The Web program, Google wants to help women in India get better connected on the Web. The program is piloting free workshops that’ll help women business owners build a personal website, connect with potential customers, and build their brand on the web. —NS

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