Costolo Defends Tweet Censoring Policy, Apple Appoints New VP Of Retail, German Court Really Bans Galaxy 10.1

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Starbucks Stores In India By August. Starbucks will open coffee shops in India by August, serving locally sourced coffee through a partnership with Tata Coffee. Tata Group and Starbucks are entering a joint venture and aim to open up 50 stores in 12 months. —NS


Samsung Under EC Investigation Over Mobile Patents. The European Commission is going to prod and poke Samsung over mobile patents–suspecting that the manufacturer may have illegally withheld access to standard technologies from competitors. This comes at a sore time for Samsung, which is mired in patent suits over copyright infringement with manufacturing partner and competitor Apple all over the EU. —NS

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Costolo Defends Tweet-Censoring Policy. CEO Dick Costolo spoke at an AllThingsD event yesterday, and defended Twitter’s decision to censor tweets in certain countries, when legally petitioned to do so. Costolo also discussed the possibility of Twitter going public (though he wouldn’t say when), and anticipated that Twitter would play a leading role in the upcoming U.S. election. —NS

Apple Appoints New VP Of Retail. Apple has selected John Browett, who headed the electronics retailer Dixons, to lead the company’s sales as vice president of retail. His role could be a crucial one as analysts are expecting international sales, particularly from China, to do wonders for Apple. Apple plans to open 40 new stores this year, and 30 of those, the Guardian points out, will be located outside the U.S. —NS

German Court Really Bans Galaxy 10.1. The temporary ban that a German court had imposed on the sale of Galaxy 10.1 tablets in the country is now permanent. A court ruled in Apple’s favor on the Samsung tablet today. Samsung fiddled with the tablet design to create a Galaxy 10.1N, as a workaround to the bans in place, temporary and otherwise, in countries around the world. A final German decision on the Galaxy 10.1N is expected next month, Reuters reports. —NS


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