Apple Could Sell 40 Million iPhones In China, Megaupload Data Deleted On Thursday?, Internet Giants Launch Anti-Phishing Drive

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Amazon Said To Have Sold 6 Million Kindle Fires, can’t hold a match to Apple. An analyst for Stifel Nicolaus is in the news today because he’s revised his sales prediction for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet up to 6 million sold in Q4 2011. That’s up a million from the earlier estimate, and parallels similar moves made by other observers. Amazon is traditionally super-coy about sales figures, so we’re unlikely to find out for sure. Meanwhile Fire owners are said to be the most active paid-for Android app downloaders, and Apple sold 16 million iPads in the same period. –KE


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Obama To Answer Questions Via Google+ Hangout. Google and the White House are hosting a “face-to-face” with President Obama starting today at 5:30 p.m. EST. The President will be answering pre-selected questions that people uploaded as video entries on the White House YouTube channel over the last week. Regular viewers can follow the action via a live stream on the White House YouTube channel, but according to YouTube, some lucky participants will also be invited into the Hangout to quiz the president directly. —NS

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Apple To Sell 40 Million iPhones By 2013? Big-dreaming Apple won’t stay content with one partner in China for too long, a Morgan Stanley analyst predicts. Soon, Apple will seek out tie-ups with China Telecom and China Mobile to sell up to 40 million iPhones in China alone in 2013. That’s a pretty tidy number, considering Apple’s iPhone global sales in Q3 2011 were just a little shy of 20 million units. —NS

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Internet Giants Launch Anti-Phishing Drive. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and 12 other companies are banding together to launch an attack on email security threats like phishing, a form of email spam that tricks you into sharing personal information. They’ve launched and a DMARC protocol, with the goal of getting other large email services on board with a standard convention that will verify sender addresses, thereby “reducing the threat of deceptive emails.” —NS

Thailand Supports Twitter Censorship Move. Thailand’s government has announced support for Twitter’s decision to censor tweets by country, with the country’s IT minister telling the Bangkok Post it was a “welcome development.” Twitter has updated its announcement to clarify that tweets won’t be filtered, rather, it will remove tweets only in response to “valid and applicable legal requests.” Also, Twitter will publish those requests, should anyone want to know what’s being blocked and why. —NS

Megaupload Data Could Be Deleted Thursday. With bank accounts frozen and its leadership under arrest, Megaupload is no longer able to pay the companies storing the data its customers backed up on their servers. This may lead Carpathia Hosting and Cogent Communications Group to start deleting the seized files as early as Thursday, the AP reports. —NS

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