Fast Company’s Must-Attend Events In March 2012

Fast Company’s Must-Attend Events In March 2012



5th Game Developers Conference, San Francisco
Nearly 20,000 game designers, programmers, artists, and producers map the future of development at the world’s largest gaming conference.

8th GaugeCon, San Francisco

Geeks join up for a meeting on metrics with the Google Analytics team.

13th NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program Technical Conference, Cleveland
Rub shoulders with NASA researchers and aeronautics experts as they talk through the results of NASA’s latest out-of-this-world projects.

16th MIT Energy Conference, Boston
Leaders in tech, policy, energy,
and finance showcase promising
approaches for the future of global energy.

19th Wall Street Green Summit, New York
Clean-tech investors trade tips on
renewable-energy finance, carbon trading, carbon markets, and green investment.

19th DrupalCon 2012, Denver
Drupal developers convene for a weeklong summit on leveraging the open-source CMS across mobile and tablet devices.

26th Design West Summit, San Jose
Engineers talk electronics design for everything from the Android platform to security systems to LED and sensor tech.

27th Social Media World Forum Europe, London

Share advice and insight on engaging customers, building brands, and capturing untapped audiences through social-media channels.

A version of this article appears in the March 2012 issue of Fast