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What To Do And See At SXSW, For The Gamer To The Style Buff
illustration by david cowles

Don't know how to wade through the hundreds of music, film, and interactive events at the hipster's smorgasbord in Austin? Don't worry, we did it for you.

For The Gamer

"A Crash Course in Becoming SuperBetter"
After game designer Jane McGonigal suffered a brain injury, she built SuperBetter, in which the goal is better real-life health. "There's a poignant context in games now," says SXSW events programmer Karen Ngo.

March 9
Austin Convention Center

For The Digital Kid

Baratunde Thurston's Opening Keynote
The Onion's digital director and funnyman kicks off SXSW Interactive's weeklong keynote series. "I'm looking forward to making several thousand people listen to what I have to say," he quips. "I like the power!"

March 10
Austin Convention Center

For The Music Pirater

"Downloaded: The SXSW Interview"
Alex Winter, director of this Napster doc, talks with creators Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. "Whether or not you agree with Napster," he says, "is irrelevant."

March 14
Austin Convention Center

For The Style Buff

Style X
The emerging-designers showcase toasts the intersection of music and fashion. "Musicians are always known for their style, from David Bowie to Kanye West," says cofounder Joah Spearman. The pop-up will host brands such as What Goes Around Comes Around and Tortoise & Blonde.

March 10
Austin Convention Center

SXSW 2011

A version of this article appeared in the March 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.