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On The Right Path

Dave Morin

We were early adopters of both Dave Morin, one of 2009's Most Creative People in Business, and Path, his photo-sharing startup that we reviewed in the May 2011 issue ("The Path Taken"). Last November, Path released a comprehensive redesign, turning the intimate network—it limits you to 150 friends and loved ones—into a smart journal, with new ways to annotate and share images, music, and moods, and a new feature that knows where you are and updates automatically. The fans have gone wild—the redesigned Path had more than 1.5 million downloads in its first two-and-a-half weeks, a number that took the original version a year to reach. "As many moments as were posted in a year, we're now seeing posted in a day," Morin tells Fast Company. "We're now closer to the original vision."

A version of this article appeared in the March 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.

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