The 2-Minute Move That Will Elevate Your Personal Brand

When it comes to building your personal brand, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get all our attention. However, for the majority of professionals, the hundreds of people you’re emailing day in and day out make up the most important social network you have. Time to rev up your email signature.

The 2-Minute Move That Will Elevate Your Personal Brand

Tools like Smartr help personalize the inbox experience, assigning photos, titles, and email history to names. Tout offers you the tools and templates you need to track and schedule your messages. What’s missing for most people in this day-to-day email equation is a helpful and memorable email signature.


This precious real estate at the bottom of every message is often filled with either too much or too little information (or, worse, dead space). Sifting through my own inbox, there are few signature stand-outs among thousands of contacts.

In my quest for a better email signature, I’ve determined that within a few simple steps it’s easy to further your brand and reflect your personality while still giving your contacts the content they need to find you online and offline.

Here are my ABCs of email signature success.

Add Social

When you are building your own personal brand, it’s a good idea to attach your active social media sites to your email signature. Although many email experts recommend you keep your signature to four to six lines maximum, you should be able to add your networking handles and keep your more traditional contact info without going beyond this limit. If you want to use icons to represent these sites, do so, but don’t let your signature get too cluttered with too many colors and images. I’ve seen email signatures with half a dozen social sites included, which is just too much for the average person to sift through. Focus on two or three key online profiles you want to highlight and leave it at that. However, before including any social networks, make sure that your accounts are in fact optimized for a professional audience; in other words, don’t link to your Facebook page if your barhopping photos from Tahiti are still public.

Taylor Jones, the founder of the popular blog, gets creative with his mobile signature. While it doesn’t include a lot of information (which is pretty standard on smartphone sign-offs), it reflects his site’s overall vibe. “Sent from the palms of my hands,” is a simple statement that is indicative of Jones’ brand–simple and straightforward, always with a human touch. While not every professional has the freedom to write a witty message in his signature, there are opportunities to stand out from the crowd.


If you have something new to promote, change up your signature to reflect a different link. There is nothing to say you can’t modify your sign-off on a regular basis (if you’re in a corporate environment, you will want to check with your company’s email policy before making any significant changes). If you want to get even more creative, use a tool such as WiseStamp to spice up your email messages with dynamic content like your latest tweet or your most recent blog post (again, just remember to keep it clean and uncluttered).

Create Context

As Sarah Prince (@missprincen) says on Twitter, “The state of hard copy business cards is questionable but email signatures are here to stay!”

Take a few minutes today to spruce up your sign-off to give your personal brand an instant mini-makeover, no fee required.



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