What Will Today’s Apple Earnings Call Reveal?

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Today Apple has an earnings call for its first quarter results for the fiscal year. They’ll cover the all-important holiday season sales window, and could be seen as the first real moment when new CEO Tim Cook expresses his leadership of the company that was Steve Jobs’s baby until recently. The analysts are, on the whole, predicting it’ll be an affair somewhat studded with sales figures glittering like jewels–with perhaps the iPhone 4S as the brightest.

Fortune has gathered many analyst expectations together: Independent analysts predict revenues of $43.14 billion, while affiliated ones guess $39.23 billion. Check the table below if these details are the sort of thing that really tickle your financial pickle (what, you don’t have a financial pickle?):

These guesstimators are suggesting that Apple may sell close to 30 million iPhones in the quarter, aided by the international rollout of the 4S (up 86% year-on-year) with iPad sales numbering at nearly 14 million, a doubling of last year’s total. But let’s remember Apple tends to confound analysts, and in the last quarter though Apple reported enormous growth (even more amazing considering its existing size) the share price suffered. This kind of analysis is just a guessing game, but at least the consensus this time is that Apple’s headed for record-breaking growth.

We also wonder what future tech Cook and team may hint at. They’ve done so in the past, and though the executives are normally tight-lipped, the tech world will be reading between every line to see if there’s info on the upcoming iPad 3 or the rumored Apple television.

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