PIPA Vote Delayed, Google Announces Q4 Earnings, IBM’s Rosy 2012 Forecast, German Court Rejects A Samsung Suit

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No “Bad” SOPA-Like Move For Europe. Both SOPA and PIPA have raised much ire in the internet community, as well as in industry and politics, because they seem a step far too far in attempting to protect American-generated IP. Now Neelie Kroes, formerly the Competition Commissioner for the E.U., now the Digital Agenda Commissioner, has gone on record to say no such “bad legislation” will be enacted by the European authority. It’s quite a loud political slap-down. –KE


PIPA Vote Delayed. In a move that perhaps suggests the very high profile “blackout” maneuver by big-name websites this week has been very affective, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid has just announced that the controversial anti-piracy PIPA bill will be delayed. A vote was due next Tuesday, but it’s now been put off to allow more discussions. –KE

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Google Earnings Good But Not Google-y Enough. There were several handsome numbers in Google’s earnings announcement yesterday: that the company had exceeded $10 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time ever, and that net income rose by 6.4% to $2.71 billion in Q4. However, analysts had predicted numbers a shade higher, and Google, until yesterday, had always hit the mark. The disappointing slip-up, an analyst told the New York Times, meant that Google was beginning to look “a bit mortal.” Share prices quickly dropped 9% late yesterday. —NS

IBM Forecasts A Rosy 2012. On the heels of glowing Q4 results, IBM’s forecasts for 2012 earnings are even better than analysts predictions. Earnings will rise to $14.85 a share, the company said, over analysts’ predictions of $14.81. Promising growth in demand for the company’s software is behind the figures, Bloomberg reports. —NS


German Court Rejects Samsung Suit. Without saying why, a German court has ruled on and rejected the first of five patent infringement suits Samsung filed against Apple in the country. Apple, meanwhile, is sueing Samsung in Germany, over six patents. The first of those hearings is expected today, Foss Patents reports. —NS

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