Google Gets Personal, EU Introducing Cookie Regulations, Groupon-Deutsche Telekom Partner Up, Free Mobile Launching In France

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Google’s Your World Brings Personal Results To Search. Continuing its trend toward the social, mainly embodied in Google+, the search engine today is launching Search plus Your World. It’s an aggregation and expansion on its social search powers of “personal results,” “profiles in search” (to help you find friends in results) and “people and pages” (helping you locate people and topics of interest), and it’ll appear in various places in search results data–including a summary at the top. –KE


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EU Introducing Cookie Regulations. New European Union regulations will require customers to explicitly opt-in to receive cookies from websites. Retailers in the United Kingdom are expected to overhaul their commercial websites in preparation; the new law will go into effect May 2012. The legislation is designed to protect consumer privacy. —NU

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Sprint Will Get Galaxy Nexus With Google Wallet. Verizon passed on the Google Wallet NFC tech for wireless payments, asking Google to disable the technology days before the fully loaded Galaxy Nexus phone launched. Google’s announced it’s letting Sprint sell the Galaxy Nexus on their service, and it looks like Google Wallet will surface there. —NS

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Deutsche Telekom Teams Up With Groupon For Mobile Web Sales. The daily deals service and German telecom giant are partnering up to develop a few new services in the months ahead. Among those, smarphones in Europe will feature a built-in deals service powered by Groupon. It’s Groupon’s first dance with a wireless service provider, and D. Telekom seems to have mighty ambitions: According to Reuters, the company hopes to make $2.6-$3.8 billion from online services by 2015. —NS


Free Mobile Launches In France. French tech company Iliad is launching Free Mobile, an unlimited voice, texting, and data service for mobile networks in France today. Iliad is also behind, a broadband service which, with its low-cost new tech, changed customer expectations and eventually dropped prices that big broadband providers were offering. Iliad’s goal is to be “the cheapest mobile service in France,” founder Xavier Niel told GigaOm, and Free Mobile is poised to have the same effect on cellular service providers. —NS

RIM’s PlayBook 2.0 Gets Email, Calendars. The new RIM OS for the Playbook, “PlayBook 2.0,” is due as an update in one month. It’s catching up on what the first version sorely lacked–including a spruced-up email inbox that will enable rich text editing, multiple accounts, tabs, and the ability to bring in streams from Twitter and LinkedIn. —NS

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NPR In Your Ford, Facebook In Your Mercedes. NPR and Ford are teaming up for a new fixture on Ford’s SYNC in-car infotainment platform, Ford has announced at CES. The NPR smarphone app will link up with Ford’s SYNC AppLink to let drivers switch channels and make playlists by speaking out loud. Also at the show, Mercedes is expected to unveil a version of Facebook for its communication system, which will let drivers publish pre-written posts, and follow friends and “Liked” locations that may be nearby. —NS

Kinect Coming To Windows On Feb 1. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday that Kinect for Windows will start shipping on February 1, bringing motion sensor technology to your Microsoft PC. (The company has said this version will be incompatible with the Xbox, though.) A beta version was out to developers late last year, but this is the first commercial release of the device. —NS

Visa Approves Smartphones For NFC. Visa payWave NFC payment tech can now find its way into select RIM, Samsung, and LG phones, Visa has announced today. Visa approvial means that financial institutions and retailers can start offering NFC to customers around the world, via the models checked off by the credit card company. —NS

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