iPhone 4S Launching In China On Jan 13, Yahoo Hires New CEO: Scott Thompson

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iPhone 4S Will Sell In China Starting Jan 13. Apple will start selling the iPhone 4S in China on January 13, where it’s likely to be received with festive jubilation. China represents the world’s largest smartphone market, and Apple leads as the most popular phone brand. Together, this makes for a huge market for the tech company. —NS


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Yahoo Hires Scott Thompson As CEO. Yahoo has just confirmed it’s hiring PayPal president Scott Thompson as a new CEO. His “primary focus will be on the core business, and as CEO and director, he will work closely with the Board” according to the press release, which also mentions potential “investments and dispositions of assets.” –KE

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Google Gets 217 Patents From IBM. Google acquired a cornucopia of patents from IBM just in time for the new year. In the last days of 2011, IBM added 217 filings to Google’s tab, including patents associated with phones, mobile phones, messaging applications, and a range of other products, SEO By The Sea reports. —NS

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Google Atones For Chrome Ad FlubGoogle is downgrading Chrome under search results for “browsers” to make amends for an advertising gaffe by its contracting ad company, which floated a scheme that flouted Google’s guidelines. Google told Search Engine Land that it would “demote” the link to Chrome’s download page by lowering its PageRank, and it would stay that way for at least the next 60 days. —NS

Happy Holidays For UPS And FedEx. Rising online shopping trends and retailer-sponsored shipping (delivery and returns), has sent some wind into the sails of mailing outfits like the United Parcel Service and FedEx. According to the New York Times, both companies hired extra workers to make up for the holiday shipping spike, and saw a boom in shipping volumes over this holiday. —NS

TiVo Gets $215 Million In AT&T Settlement. TiVo has settled a lawsuit against carrier AT&T over DVR technology that TiVo had patented. AT&T will be paying TiVo at least $215 million over the next seven years, starting with an upfront payment of $51 million. —NS

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