Amazon’s Kindle Hits And Misses, Tumblr Expands In-House Content, Apple Dominates WSJ’s Most-Read List

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Amazon Reports Good Kindle Sales, Analysts Not Convinced. Amazon just reported its habitual holiday sales summary–“well over one million Kindle devices per week,” a vague stat that includes the Fire as the most popular on its best-seller list and the plain e-reader line, but marks its best ever holiday period yet. The thing is analysts are concerned Amazon may actually miss its sales growth targets–and its shares have slipped as a result. –KE


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Tumblr To Expand In-House Content. Popular microblogging service Tumblr is hiring full-time editorial staff to create original content and curate existing user blogs. According to a job posting on, the New York-based firm seeks to “plan and execute new blogs, segments, features, and other products in multiple media” that will highlight their 38,000,000+ hosted microblogs. —NU

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Starfor Hackers Announce New Target. The hackers who gained access to the Starfor security research group over Christmas and kept the company website down another week, are now claiming another hack victory. Their latest target, the New York Times reports, is an operation called Special Forces, which sells military merchandize and donates profits to charity. The hackers, of the Anonymous group, claim to have infiltrated the website months ago, but now say they will have access to new information. —NS

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Double-Edition iPad 3 Rumors Again. Digitimes is reporting from sources inside Apple’s supply chain that two new iPad models will be revealed in January–a reiteration of various earlier rumors. The iPad 2 will remain at a lower price point to compete with the Kindle Fire, and the two new devices will target low- and high-end markets, both with A6 chips, a super-high resolution screen, and much longer battery life. The only sticky point is the rumor suggests a reveal at iWorld…and Apple has long pulled out of such corporate events. –KE


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Apple Dominates WSJ’s Most-Read List. The Wall Street Journal has posted a list of its most-read corporate stories for the year, in which news about Apple took up eight of the 10 available spots. News of founder Steve Jobs’s death in October was the most viewed story of the year, followed by January’s news that Verizon would carry the iPhone. —NS

Hacked Statfor To Delay Website Launch. Analysis firm Strategic Forecasting was hacked this weekend by the Anonymous hacker group (who claimed responsiblity for the attack). The private intelligence has admitted to the breach, and has announced that it will delay the launch of its website due to the attack. —NS

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Verizon’s Third Run-in With Data Network Issues. Verizon’s 4G LTE network appeared to be reeling under its third outage for December. Users reported complaints on the company website, and Verizon has said it’s looking into the matter. —NS


Facebook, Google, Apple Are Nielsen’s Top U.S. Brands. A year-end study from the Nielsen group has Google, then Facebook, leading its list of “Most Visited Web Brands.” Unsurprisingly, Facebook ranked first in the “Top Social Networks and Blogs” category, with about 137.6 million U.S. visitors signing into the website from their computers this year. Also on Nielsen’s list, Apple was the U.S’s top smartphone manufacturer, with 29% of people who recently bought a device opting for an iPhone. —NS

$25 Computer Ready In January. The Rasberry Pi, a tiny Linux-running mini computer, will be set to go on sale early next year. It will come in two versions, costing $25 and $35, and aimed at the children’s education market. —NS

Correction: Argentina may not be banning Blackberries and iPhones in the country after all. TheNextWeb points out that it’s likely the rumor was started on in honor of yesterday being “Innocents Day” in Spanish-speaking countries, the equivalent of April Fools’ Day elsewhere. Apple Insider, the first to post the English version of the story, appears to have taken down their post. 

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