Argentina Bans BlackBerry And iPhone Sales, This Christmas In Smartphones, Google Ticks Off Travel Sites

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Dropbox Adds Auto-photo Importer In Beta. Dropbox has a new addition in their experimental build that could be a boon to photo storing. The new feature downloads and backs up photographs to your Dropbox folder as soon as you connect a camera or smartphone to your computer. While you still can’t pick which photos to download and leave out, it’s possible that’ll come next. —NS


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Argentina Bans Sale Of BlackBerries, iPhones. The Argentina government declared a ban on the sale of iPhones and BlackBerry devices. It’s a move to help the economy, AppleInsider reports–Apple and Research in Motion are invited to resume sales if they set up a factory in the country. They also have the option of partnering with a local manufacturer in the country, and that’s something RIM may already be looking into. —NS

This Christmas In Smartphones. Christmas electronics gifts came alive in record numbers on Christmas day, with nearly 7 million activations of iOS and Android devices. According to the study by Flurry Analytics, that’s a big jump up from the average daily activation rate of 1.5 million devices, or even Chrismas day last year, when 2.8 million devices were activated. Meanwhile, the young Windows app marketplace hit a milestone of 50,000 downloads. It got there a tad quicker than the Android app store, AllThingsD explains, but is still slower to grow than Apple’s iOS store. —NS

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Amazon And Netflix Lead, Lose On Customer Survey. Tech companies claimed some highlights on ForSee’s year-end customer satisfaction survey of 40 big names. Amazon led the list for the 14th time running, while Netflix hit some hard times. The movie rental service saw the steepest drop in satisfaction points, likely fueled by their hugely unpopular price hike announcement in the summer, as well as their somewhat disastrous but quickly reversed Qwikster proposition. —NS


YouTube Launches Voter Contest. YouTube launched a serious redesign early this month by sprucing up its website and introducing its Channels feature. But starting today, YouTube is bringing back some of its classic cute kitty flavor with an interactive “discovery experiment” it’s calling YouTube Slam. This public contest lets you pick and vote for the cuter/funnier/weirder of pairs of videos, and earn points when you spot crowd favorites. —NS


Google Ticks Off Travel Search Sites. Travel search sites like Orbitz and Expedia are miffed at Google for promoting its own flight search query results above theirs, as well as offering links directly to airline websites, the Wall Street Journal reports, something Google began doing early this month. As the folks at the Verge observe, Google’s role as a search and traffic driver seems to be getting in the way of its agenda as a maker of some similar search services.  —NS

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