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Open Source Apps that Make Facebook Better

Open source is a term often associated with developers, tech-geeks, and even hackers. It invokes an oddly negative response among those who don't understand what it really means. To help introduce open source to the non-tech-savvy world, is there a better way than to show how it integrates with the site that nearly everyone is using?

Open Source

You don't have to pay money in order to make Facebook better and easier to use. there are plenty of open source apps on Sourceforge and other sites that allow you to use Facebook how you want to. The best part is, since they are free, all you have to do is download and install and you're ready to go.

These apps make reading your news feed easier, reduce bandwidth and even backup your photos. For the avid Facebook socialite, these can be invaluable.

News Feed Reader

The Facebook News Feed Reader is the easy way to keep up with all the latest posts and messages. No more leaving a browser window open to keep an eye on everyone's posts.

One of the best features is the filter. If you are only looking for certain keywords in posts, such as your favorite show or an upcoming event, create a filter. You can then view just those posts. Think of it as the List feature in Facebook. Why sort through hundreds of posts when you're only interested in a few?

The latest version of this app lets you view users' pictures with the posts. You can also view activities from friends of friends, so you don't need to be friends in order to be in the know. All of your inbox messages are easily sorted and you are always notified immediately of any new messages or posts directly to your desktop.

Facebook Browser

Facebook doesn't always cooperate with certain browsers. To make using Facebook a littler easier, there is now an open source browser strictly for Facebook. Simply open the browser and use Facebook as usual.

Since it is made for Facebook, you won't have all the common issues associated with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. You'll even be able to post statuses and game messages the first time to use it without any workarounds.

Facebook Client 

Facebook Client lets you interact with your friends without having to open a browser window. With this open source app, you can also chat with friends, share files and even make video calls. Unless you are interested in games, all your favorite social activities on Facebook are there in a single desktop application.

You don't have to waste valuable memory in your browser and this client is easier to use than Facebook.

Facebook Photo Backup

As the name implies, Facebook Photo Backup lets you make a backup of all the photos you've uploaded to your site. This is great if you need to backup photos you've lost on your phone or computer.

Facebook is your online photo album, so why not make a backup for safekeeping?

Facebook Lite

Anyone with limited data usage knows how much bandwidth Facebook can take. A few hours a day and suddenly you are being charged overage fees. Facebook Lite allows you to use Facebook with less bandwidth.

This desktop app compresses data and only shows you what you want. It supports videos and photos, so you never miss anything. The connection is encrypted, so you still stay safe, possibly even safer than on Facebook itself.

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