India Court Rules On Social Network Comments, Apple TV For Q2 2012?, Google Tablet Coming In Six Months

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Christmas Is For Online Shopping Too. In a sign that online shopping is an exploding phenomenon far beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, IBM has a study showing online shopping in the U.S. shot up 16.4% on Christmas day 2011 versus 2010, and the dollar amount spent on mobile purchases rose 173%–Monday too saw more spending than in 2010. In a good sign for Apple, nearly 7% of all online buys were made via an iPad. –KE


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Lieberman Asks Twitter To Block Taliban Tweets. U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman has requested that Twitter voluntarily block several accounts used by the Taliban that broadcast anti-U.S. and anti-British propaganda. The Taliban’s Twitter presence, which includes feeds such as @abalkhi and @alemarahweb, regularly celebrates the death of U.S., British, and Afghan troops. The Taliban is not considered a terrorist organization by the State Department. The quasi-Al-Qaeda-affiliated Somali terror organization Al-Shabaab also has a Twitter feed. –NU

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Indian Court Orders 22 Social Networks To Remove Comments. A Delhi judge has ordered companies including Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to remove content on their websites that the court described as “anti-social” or “anti-religious.” This comes just a few weeks after the companies met with IT minister Kapil Sipbal to talk through similar issues, though those talks reportedly reached a stalemate. The companies have a month and a half to act according to the court order, the Hindustan Times reports. —NS

Google Releasing iPad 3 Competitor In 6 Months? There’s no sure sign of the iPad 3 yet, but it appears its Android competition is already waiting in the wings. Eric Schmidt told an Italian publication Corriere della Sera that the long-rumored Android answer to Apple’s next-generation tablet expected in the next six months. —NS


Apple TV Expected In Q2 2012? DigiTimes has the latest specs on the Apple television everyone’s looking out for. It’s rumored there’ll be two versions of the television, in 32- and 37-inches, expected to launch in the second quarter of 2012. —NS

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Public Release Of Intel’s Thunderbolt In 2012. Intel’s Thunderbold technology, which powers Apple products like the MacBook Pro, iMac, and MacBook Air, may be coming out in wider release in April 2012. The high cost of the chips made for a lukewarm reception (from companies other than Apple) when Thunderbolt was first announced, but now companies like Sony, Asustek Computer, and Gigabyte Technology are expected to adopt it for their products, DigiTimes reports. —NS

Foxconn Plans World’s Biggest Smartphone Plant For iPhones. Apple’s mammoth manufacturing parter, Foxconn, is planning to expand its Central China iPhone manufacturing plant. When finished, the $1.1 billion add-on will double the plant’s current size, making it the largest smartphone-making facility in the world. —NS

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NYC To Pilot Nissan Leaf Cabs In 2012. The city of New York and and Nissan will roll out six electric Nissan Leaf test taxi cabs in the city in early 2012. It’ll be the start of a year-long pilot to assess the feasibility of using electric cabs in the city, the Verge explains. One of the hurdles the city will address before the full fleet (an estimated 17,000 vehicles) hits the roads is how many new electric car charging stations they’ll need to build, and where they’ll put them. —NS

Sony Selling Flat-Screen TV Stake To Samsung. Streamlining is on in earnest at Sony, and in its latest move, the electronics maker is selling off its share of the S-LCD flat-screen TV manufacturing operation to its partner, Samsung. Sony’s share, roughly 50%, is worth $935 million. Sony is anticipating a fourth year of losses, with television manufacturing accounting for billions of yen lost, the New York Timesreports.–NS

Members Leaving GoDaddy Over SOPA Stance. Domain hosting service Go Daddy has landed in a spot of trouble with the Internet community. After the service expressed support for the SOPA bill, they reportedly lost 21,000 members over the course of last week. Go Daddy has since reversed their stance, but tut-tutting comment threads on the web reading and ranking service Reddit have already given rise to a boycott Go Daddy website, and a worldwide boycott day set for December 29. —NS

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