Facebook Testing “Listen” Buttons?, LinkedIn’s India Membership Rises To 13 Million, Yahoo May Cut Its Alibaba Stock

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Facebook Testing “Listen” Button? Remember at F8, when Mark Zuckerberg told us about some upcoming changes expected at Facebook? As users begin adopting the new Timeline, early screenshots are showing a new “Listen” button that is turning up on some Ticker feeds. It looks like Facebook is testing that Spotify integration they’d been planning, that will let Facebookers know and listen to the same music their friends are. Stay tuned. —NS


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Founder Of Xerox Labs Dies, Leaves Scant Trace On Internets. Jacob E. Goldman, the founder of Xerox Labs, has died at the age of 90. As Xerox’s chief research scientist, he founded and led the research arm of the technology company that invented the personal computer. But this tech legend has left surprisingly little trace of himself on the IT information networks his work enabled–YouTube searches come up short, and even Wikipedia contains only a passing mention of his life and contributions. —NS

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Asus’s “Transformer” Tablet Invites Lawsuit From Hasbro. Hasbro, owners of the Transformers franchise, is suing computer maker Asus over the name of its latest tablet. The tablet, the “Transformer Prime,” and the tablet keyboard it’s paired with, spooked Hasbro enough to make them file a preliminary injunction in a district court, The Verge reports. —NS

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Yahoo May Cut Its Alibaba Stock. Sources have told Bloomberg that Yahoo officials are meeting today to consider a cutback on their stock holdings in Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce company. Yahoo is expected to scale back its 40% stake down to about 15%, a deal worth more that $17 billion. —NS


LinkedIn Hits 13 million Users In India. LinkedIn reached 13 million users in India, making the subcontinent LinkedIn’s largest membership base. The company launched in India in November 2009, and added 10 million members by June 2011. The company has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, and a new technology center in Bangalore. —NS


Facebook To Tweak Privacy For Non-U.S. Users. Facebook has agreed to tweak privacy features for users outside the U.S. after an audit of the company’s international offices by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner. Among the planned changes, Facebook will give people a clearer warning about the facial recognition technology and will share more information about how data is used by third-party apps, Reuters explains. Facebook’s Ireland offices are responsible for all the social network’s users outside the U.S. and Canada. —NS

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