The AeroShot Lets You Inhale A Perfectly-Sized Shot Of Caffeine

The AeroShot Lets You Inhale A Perfectly-Sized Shot Of Caffeine
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Humans have sought new caffeine fixes for hundreds of years. But the AeroShot inhaler might be the strangest yet: Compress the tube, and it burps a puff of lime-flavored caffeine powder that instantaneously dissolves on your tongue. “We think the future of energy is breathable,” says Tom Hadfield, the startup’s CEO.

There’s rationale–and $8.5 million in venture financing–behind his boast. Caffeine delivery has quickened (and become more portable) with our lives. After coffee, Red Bull, and 5-Hour Energy, AeroShot seemed inevitable. But its inventor, Harvard professor David Edwards (who has made breathable medicine and chocolate), says the real market opportunity isn’t just portability. It’s transparency.

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edibles–just what is in that energy drink, and how much is too much? Breathable caffeine may sound scary, but it is, in fact, simpler: just caffeine with flavoring, easy to mete out precise servings.

What else benefits from precision? Plenty, say Edwards and Hadfield. Their next target: breathable

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