Storie: The Photo-Sharing App That Actually Does Something Cool

There have been some newsworthy failures over the last couple of years in the photo-sharing field, and Facebook has pretty much replaced the need for stand-alone sharing apps. But after years of waiting, there’s finally an app worth using.



As far as most people are concerned, the wide array of photo-sharing apps available for mobile devices and Facebook itself do little more than add a layer of difficulty to the sharing process. For many, it’s simply easier to share directly from mobile device to Facebook or Twitter. Who needs a middle man?

Those who take a lot of pictures and could use a way to organize, group, and share their experiences with friends, family, and the rest of the world have a middle man worth checking out. Storie, a San Francisco startup that was featured on AngelPad’s demo day in October, made a splash this fall with over 100,000 downloads in the first month.

The free iPhone app combines features that individually are nice but not “must haves” that give people a reason to not post directly through Facebook’s app; it’s in the nice selection of combined features that Storie has the ability to separate itself in the crowded field.

Storie iPhone App

The interface is strong, allowing users to take pictures directly from their iPhone, pull them in from social sites like Facebook or Instagram, or import from the web. A nice filter set gives users the ability to add flare, while the captioning of each individual image adds the context.

Privacy settings, a hot topic in today’s oversharing world, are easy to use. Stories can be completely public, partially public by keeping them unlisted, or made private to a select group of people.


Arguably the best feature is the ease in which stories can be embedded. The interface makes it easy to attack on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, and an embed code allows stories to be added to websites and blogs. Bloggers often face the challenge of slideshows that force page reloads, making them slow risking the loss of readers. Storie addresses the challenge nicely.

What’s your storie?

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