Apple Wins Piece Of HTC Patent Action, Judge OK’s Facebook Class Action

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Apple Wins Patent Skirmish With HTC. Tapping a phone number in an email to make a call or tapping a date to add it to your calendar with a single touch might seem like the kind of ubiquitous function found in all sorts of phones. But the United States International Trade Commission ruled on Monday that the feature in HTC-made Android phones violated an Apple patent. It’s only a partial victory in a larger action brought by Apple, but it’s the most significant one to date, impacting a common feature. HTC promised a workaround and called the functionality a “small” part of the user experience, according to the New York Times. –TG


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Judge OK’s Facebook Class Action. A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a Facebook request that a class action against it in connection with its Sponsored Stories ad units be thrown out. Plaintiffs in the suit say that Facebook’s use of their names in the ad units, which show friends when a user has liked a product or business, violate their “right of publicity” and that they should be paid endorsement fees. Facebook sought to have the case dismissed, saying the ads conform to the company’s terms of service, but the federal judge in San Jose, CA, is allowing the case to continue. — EBB

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British Telecom Sues Google. British Telecom is the latest large company to sue Google, claiming that various Android features infringe on key BT patents. The six offending instances arise from Google Maps, Google Music, Android Market products on Android, and location-based andvertising, the Guardian reports. BT filed the claim in a Delaware court last week, but could also pursue action in Europe. —NS

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Cornell Wins NYC Campus Bid. In a competition to build an applied science campus in NYC, Cornell University is emerging a winner. Stanford, Cornell’s competitor in the race, backed out abruptly late last week. Mayor Bloomberg is expected to make an announcement confirming the plans today, the Wall Street Journal reports. –NS


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Apple Execs In TV Talks. Bigwigs at Apple have sought out their counterparts at media companies to hash out Apple’s long-rumored plans for entering TV turf, the Wall Street Journal has learned. The talks included discussions about developing voice search for channel switching and ditching the remote (something Xbox also is planning with the Kinect), and streaming services across devices. —NS

Saudi Prince Invests In Twitter. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia and his investment company have bought a stake in Twitter worth $300 million, according to the company, after talks that lasted months. The company also owns shares in Apple and Citigroup, Bloomberg observes. —NS

Android Hackers Create Google Wallet Download For Verizon’s Nexus. Days before the phone’s launch, Verizon scrapped Google’s NFC plans for the Galaxy Nexus by requiring that the built-in Google Wallet feature be deactivated. But Nexus users needn’t lose out–Android hackers have created and published a largely fuss-free unofficial version of Google Wallet that’s now available for download, The Verge reports. —NS


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