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The Case For Girls Infographic: Women In Numbers

The response to Fast Company's recent feature story, "The Case for Girls," has been incredible. First, digital agency AKQA's mock ad campaign became a real-life call to action and a mobilizing worldwide event. Now social media agency Lovesocial has announced a partnership with indie doc Miss Representation and reached out to Fast Company to create an infographic to illustrate the stats featured in our story.


Click to enlarge.

The goal of the partnership is to "amplify the voices of individuals around the country who are standing up to sexism and shifting the cultural mindset around what is possible for women and girls," says the film's director, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. The urgency of this mission is palpable as you can see in the graph above: Gender preferences when starting a family in the U.S. haven't changed in over 50 years. With the ability to change perceptions, is this a problem advertising can solve? Tweet your thoughts on the matter to @FastCompany or @SheenaMedina.

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