Controversial Piracy Act Goes To Congress, Facebook’s Timeline Is Here, 1 Million Downloads Of Flipboard iPhone App

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Stop Online Piracy Act Goes To Congress. A controversial anti-piracy bill that could hobble Google, Yahoo, PayPal, and a host of other giants is scheduled to go before Congress today. The House Judiciary Committee is beginning deliberations on the Stop Online Piracy Act, which Google strongly opposes. In a rare show of unity, large web corporations, free speech activists, and tech firms have united to oppose the bill. In related news, Google has announced the 2012 Google Policy Fellowship, which is accepting law, graduate, and undergraduate students to work as public policy fellows for the tech giant next summer. —NU


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Louis CK’s Web Experiment Pays Off. Comedian Louis CK’s plan for promoting his latest show deviated generously from the the standard comedy selling model. Instead of partnering with a TV network like the norm, he decided to go solo and keep costs low, streaming an edited performance through his website, for a fee of $5. It looks like his gamble has paid off: he’s announcing $200,000 in profit with 110,000 copies of his November perfomance sold in the first four days of sales. —NS

Facebook Timeline Ready For Business. After it debuted in New Zealand a week ago, Facebook is now allowing Facebookers everywhere to try out their new format for personal data on profile pages. Don’t panic, Facebook is giving you a week to test out the format, unseen by friends, for 7 days after you activate it. The opt-in period will last for a few weeks, so you can jump in right away, or wait a while before trying it out. —NS

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Flipboard Sees 1 Million iPhone Downloads. iPad news reader app maker Flipboard launched an app for the iPhone last week, which is turning out to be quite the hit. The company is reporting 1 million downloads on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and their engagement, measured in “flips per month” has shot up from 650 million to 2 billion. —NS


Galaxy Nexus Goes On Sale. Google and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone goes on sale today, as the first smartphone carrying Google’s latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. According to early reviews, the phone and Verizon LTE network it runs on make a speedy pair. But, the phone lacks Google Wallet integration after Verizon stonewalled Google’s NFC plans on it days before the phone’s launch. —NS

Apple Planning R&D Center In Israel? A newspaper is Israel is reporting that Apple is opening a research center focussed on semiconductors, and has already hired a chief to run the center. Unsurprisingly, Apple did not offer comment. —NS

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