Zipcar Targets Europe With Barcelona Car Sharer Buy, PayPal To Launch Daily Deals In 2012, Google Buys Alfred

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Nokia Eyes U.S. With Lumia Windows Phone. Come January, Nokia will launch the $50 Lumia 710, Nokia’s first Windows phone for the U.S., on the T-Mobile network. The entry-level smartphone is expected to attract first-time smartphone buyers, BGR explains. Nokia executives have hinted that this is the first of more U.S. interest, given its investment in advertising and marketing. —NS


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Zipcar Planning European Expansion Starting In Spain. Zipcar is now the majority owner of a car-sharing operation headquartered in Barcelona. The Spanish car-sharing company Avancar will be a key part of Zipcar’s move to Europe, following Zipcar’s settling in the U.K. —NS

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PayPal Will Launch Daily Deals. Starting in 2012, PayPal will start offering local coupons to customers, chasing a market dominated by companies like Groupon and The coupons will be offered on mobile devices, based on the known preferences and location of their current 103 million customers, Bloomberg reports, with deals arriving on thier phones as people pass stores they might like. —NS

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Google Acquires Restaurant Recommendation App. Google has bought Clever Sense, the company that created local discovery and restuarant recommendations app “Alfred” for the iPhone and Android. It could also play nicely with restaurant reviewer Zagat, which Google bought earlier this year. —NS

Aakash Goes On Sale For Everyone. Aakash, India’s cheapest commercially available tablet, has now gone on sale on the seller DataWind’s website and is available for delivery within the week. The tablet was prototyped at a university campus as a government project, and the design sold to DataWind. The government had plans to buy the tablets at a cost of $35 to distribute at schools, but DataWind is selling them commercially at about $50. —NS

iPads To Take Off With American Airlines Starting Friday. American Airlines is all set to use iPads on all its aircrafts. ZDNet has heard that the airline will use iPads on “all phases of flight” starting Friday, after getting FAA approval following months of pilot testing on select aircrafts. It’ll be the first in a line of airlines (Delta and United Airlines among others) seeking to digitize flight operation procedures and flight logs. —NS

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