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Innovation Agents

She Built Her Business On Rock And Roll: How Michelle You's Songkick Strikes A Chord With Music Lovers

While going to school in Beijing, Michelle You missed attending live concerts. So she did something about it. Now she and her cofounders hope to be "the definitive brand for live music."

Are you ready to rock? Michelle You was while attending school in Beijing, but it was hard to find information about live concerts. Later, at the University at Cambridge, she still missed rock and roll and attending shows. Out of that frustration came the idea for Songkick, a site that scans your music library and informs you when your favorite bands and singers are playing in your area. Michelle explains in this installment of Innovation Agents how she and her cofounders got the company started at Ycombinator's bootcamp and why her job is, at its beating heart, about "understanding the user." A 1, 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4 ...

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