Scientists Make “God Particle” Announcement, Brazil Gets iTunes Upgrade, Google Maps Street View Explores Post-Tsunami Japan

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Opposing SOPA, Wikipedia Considers Blackout. As a message to legislators who’ll vote on the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) in the next few days, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has threatened to blank out the pages of Wikipedia. Have an opinion? He’s posted his explanation of the idea on his website and is inviting input. —NS


Adults Spend More Time On Mobile Devices Than Print Media. Love your tablet? You have plenty of company. A new study from eMarketer shows that adults are spending more time with their mobile devices than with print media: 65 minutes spent on tablets or smartphones, compared to 44 minutes with magazines (18 minutes) and newspapers (26 minutes). Though, the biggest time suck by far was television. What’ll be really interesting is knowing how much of that mobile time was spent reading the news. —NS

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Scientists To Make “God Particle” Announcement Today. Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are revealing the freshest findings in their hunt for the Higgs boson, otherwise known to the world as the elusive “God particle.” Watch the live stream from CERN here. —NS

Google Maps Street View Looks Around Post-Tsunami Japan. Anyone around the world that’s followed news of the Japan quake and tsunami and their aftermaths can now get an immersive, virtual tour of the country’s altered coast. Google drove their Street View cars 44,000 kilometers around the country and has uploaded their trove of photographs. A related site, “Build the Memory,” compares photographs before and after the March 11 natural disasters. —NS

“Steve Jobs” Is Amazon’s 2011 Best Seller. Amazon has divulged their list of top-selling books of the year, and after healthy anticipation, Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” has in fact won the top rank. It’s followed by Tina Fey’s “Bossypants.” —NS



Brazil Gets iTunes Match, Music Store, Films. Another notch in its global expansion, Apple has expanded its iTunes offerings in Brazil from podcasts books and apps to movie rentals and music purchases. 15 other countries in Latin America are also getting the iTunes Store. The upgrage is combined with the first-ever digital release of Latin American pop icon Roberto Carlos’s albums, TheNextWeb reports. —NS

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