New York Times Launches Elections App, Newton’s College Notes Now Online, Mac Store Passes 100 Million Apps

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New York Times Launches Election App. Preparing for the 2012 elections, the New York Times has released an iPhone app that will curate news, list polling data and candidate information, and eventually offer live election results. The app will have its own designated editor, the Guardian reports. The app is the latest in a string of new ways that news organizations are seeking to survive in the digital age. —NS


Newton’s College Notebook Goes Online. Sir Isaac Newton’s college scribbles have hit the Internet. Cambridge University uploaded about 4,000 pages of a notebook, including several pages of notes from which Newton’s legendary theories sprang. You can flip through the pages of the book, crammed with Newton’s pearly cursive writing stretching from end to end, here. Stay tuned for more, though–Cambridge University has plans to port their entire Newton collection to the web in the next few months.  —NS

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Mac App Store Passes 100 Million Apps. Apple’s just revealed its app store for Mac computers has just downloaded its 100 millionth app, in just over 11 months. Apple’s experiment in bringing iTunes-like content management, revenue sharing, and PR efforts to the desktop software environment is evidently a success, and Apple’s Phil Schiller is quoted as saying “the Mac App Store is changing the traditional PC software industry,” which hasn’t really happened since the birth of the PC. –KE

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Huffington Post Launches Spanish Edition. The Huffington Post has teamed up with Madrid-based newspaper El Pais to launch a Spanish edition called El Huffington Post. Content is aimed at the Spanish market, but ultimately will target the Latin American market. Several part-time translators will be hired in New York to assist with the project. Meanwhile, the man who originally helped optimize HuffPo for search engines–then moved on to start pop culture goodies-grabber BuzzFeed–is hiring actual reporters to create original content. Jonah Perretti has hired Politico‘s Ben Smith, who will boost BuzzFeed’s algorithmic-sorted content with original reporting and writing. Can the linkers become the linked? —NU, KE

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Amazon Promises Fire Fix. Amazon’s tablet, the Kindle Fire, has been taking some heat from critics since its launch for its lack of security, slow web page loads, and other little quirks. Amazon is promising a speedy fix to some gripes by way of an over-the-air update that it’ll let out in the next few weeks, the company told the New York Times. Rumor is, a second tablet is due out in the spring. —NS

Robert Noyce, cofounder of Intel and the inventor of the integrated chip, would have been 84 today. A worldwide Google Doodle celebrates his baby. 

Apple Stores Suffering From Too Many People? The newest Apple Store at Grand Central opened to packed crowds on Friday, and Apple stores everywhere else don’t seem to be getting any less crowded. Apple is dealing with the swelling people presence and popularity of its iconic stores by trotting out even more blue-shirted employees, a new study from Asymco has found, but it’s likely they’ll have a problem keeping this up forever, the Register reports. —NS

Samsung Mobile Sales Top 300 Million This Year. With one month left to wrap up 2011, Samsung announced that it had cleared its sales record for mobile handsets, Reuters reports. In 2010, the world’s top-selling mobile manufacturer sold 280 million handsets, and is planning to finish off this year on a new high, helped along by the Galaxy S line of phones. —NS



YouTube Launches YouTube For Schools. Tech trimmings to traditional classroom tools are getting better and better, and YouTube’s new network is the latest addition to this list. The YouTube For Schools network will let the institutions access videos on YouTube EDU, while keeping out distracting kitty videos or non-kid-friendly content. Students will get access to the videos from the likes of TED, several U.S. universities, and the Smithsonian. —NS

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