Microsoft Reveals Xbox Update, U.S. Court Rejects Apple’s Request For Galaxy Tab Ban, Syria Bans iPhones

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Qualcomm Life Adds Cloud Support For Wireless Health. Champion of the wireless future, Qualcomm, is going a step forward in enabling wireless health. The company has put its 2net platform and Hub setup on display at the mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. The new system is designed to collect, protect and store biometric data from patients with mobile wireless health monitors. —NS


11 Korean Movie Portal Domain Names Captured. To stem the flow of pirated movie streaming in the U.S., the Department of Justice and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement have captured the domain names of 11 Korean movie portals. The websites allowed movie downloads for a small fee. All 11 websites appear to belong to a Seattle-based company, though the websites targeted a Korean-speaking audience. The seizure of this recent crop of sites is a part of a larger project called Operation In Our Sites, the government’s crackdown on counterfeit or or illegal web-based trade. —NS

Time Warner Goes For The Cloud With UltraViolet. Time Warner is giving out free movies to encourage people to use new cloud-based digital film service UltraViolet, which will allow people to stream digital copies of films they own on their device of choice. UltraViolet is backed by most big U.S. movie studios, the Financial Times explains, and Time Warner (owner of Warner Bros.) is offering the free films for new users of Flixter, the movies and reviews site. —NS

Twitter’s Hot Topics For 2011. As part of its year-ending summary, Twitter’s just revealed what the world’s hottest topics were on its social network in 2011: #Egypt topped hashtags, underlining Twitter’s news qualities, Charlie Sheen topped Actors, Liz Taylor topped Actresses, and Rebecca Black’s viral success with Friday led her to the top of Music. –KE

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 Facebook’s Manhattan Proposal. In advance of its rumored Wall Street debut, Facebook has declared its plans to expand its engineering reach into NYC. The company is opening an office on the city’s East Side, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said at a NYC announcement. When it opens, the office will be Facebook’s first engineering camp outside the West Coast, The Register reports. —NS

India Seeks Censorship Help From Google, Facebook. Indian government officials are requesting Internet service providers and social networks to screen and block objectionable user content before it gets posted, including material that is, as the New York Times India Ink blog puts it, “disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory.” Kapil Sibal, acting telecom minister (and the political force behind India’s $35 tablet) sat down with India reps from Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook to talk through the proposal today. —NS


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Microsoft Reveals Xbox Update. Microsoft is staking its claim to the future of TV with a new update due to hit Xbox consoles on Tuesday. One of the bigger added features is a voice search that draws on Kinect tech and Bing search to let users make games, TV show, and movie selections by yelling them out aloud. Microsoft’s announcement comes after Google unveiled a facelift for YouTube on Friday that encourages a personalized viewing experience and features content organized into Channels. —NS

U.S. Court Kills Apple’s Galaxy Tab Ban Plans. A San Jose judge rejected Apple’s request to suspend the sale of three Samsung smartphones and Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 in the U.S. However, Apple still stands a chance at winning the final overall lawsuit, Reuters explains. This blow on its home turf comes after Apple won a quick point in Australia, when a court extended its Galaxy tab sales ban for another week, giving Apple time to appeal a more permanent stay.  —NS


Syria Bans iPhones.  The Syrian government has taken a stance against the use of iPhones and has banned its import into the country, the BBC reports. The world has been following clashes in Syria through videos and images uploaded by Syrian people using smartphones, mobile devices, and discreet pen cameras, which have documented often graphic footage of the civil unrest in the country. —NS

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