The Vision Thing: Warby Parker’s David Gilboa Disrupted An Industry And Improved The World’s Sight

If all you know about Warby Parker is that it sells great-looking glasses at a fraction of the price found at the mall, then you’re missing just how innovative this company really is. It disrupted an entire industry controlled by a handful of companies who were keeping prices artificially high, then the founders figured out a way to gift a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair they sell. The result? “We hit our first-year sales targets within three weeks,” says Warby Parker’s 30-year-old cofounder David Gilboa, in this episode of Innovation Agents.

In that first year the company also sent 85,000 pairs of glasses to people around the world who needed them but couldn’t afford them. Now Warby Parker has been granted B Corp status, which is a relatively new designation awarded to for-profit enterprises that have a positive impact on the world. “A huge driving force for our entire founding team has been this concept of really being a force for good in the world,” says Gilboa.

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