I Melt With You: BGH Banishes The Beep With New Musical Microwave

The microwave industry is really on quite a tear these days, it seems. First, out of France, a drastic rethink of the cooker’s traditional shape. Now, Argentine household products company BGH is offering an alternative to one of the not so quietly despicable aspects of the microwave experience: the beep.

BGH has launched a new ‘wave called the Quick Chef Music, which replaces the grating time’s-up beep with your choice of soothing tune. The upgrade came out of a standard ad briefing with the company’s agency, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Buenos Aires.

BGH was set to launch its Quick Chef microwave, which included exactly zero exciting new features the agency could tout in an ad campaign. Facing the question that has broken countless ad creatives–What the hell are we doing to say about this thing?–the Saatchi team, led by Maxi Itzkoff and Mariano Serkin, conceived an idea for the product itself.

After six months back at the BGH drawing board, the company launched a limited edition run of Quick Chef Music microwaves, which feature a USB port and speakers, allowing users to program their favorite beep-replacing track.
According to the agency, the 1,000 special edition microwaves sold out in a week and the Quick Chef Music will be rolled out as a regular product in 2012.

Watch the tuneful case study video below.