Work Smart: Disrupt Your Inbox

If you’re looking for a quick way to improve productivity for yourself as well as those around you, look no further than your inbox. Most of us take email for granted now, which is why there is an opportunity there to improve and optimize how you communicate. I’ll tell you about the techniques used by a variety of different entrepreneurs to optimize their email correspondences.

Here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Experiment with three-sentence emails for a better response rate.
  • Start with action-oriented steps, don’t leave them at the bottom of the email.
  • Market your subject lines–make them an advertisement to open and read the email.
  • Take disagreements offline.
  • Don’t “reply all” unless everyone needs to be involved.
  • Use numbers for reference in back-and-forth correspondence to reduce redundancy and length.


Scott is the author of the national best-selling book Making Ideas Happen and CEO of Behance, a company that develops products and services for creative industries. Behance’s products include the Behance Network, the world’s leading platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, and The 99%, a think tank and annual conference focused on leadership and execution in the creative world.

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