Nest Collective’s Neil Grimmer Gets A New Generation To Eat Its Spinach–And Like It

Baby food is big business.

At least it is when you do it like Nest Collective, a Bay Area company that has transformed the baby-food industry by introducing the now-commonplace, BPA-free spouted pouch to the U.S. market through its Plum Organics brand.

Kids–and parents–ate it up: The company’s sales grew more than 3,000% (as much a statement on success, as starting small) between 2007 and 2010, making it among the fastest-growing private companies in America.

The one-two punch of portable, less-wasteful pouches and the tasty, organic foods that parents wanted for their children turned out to be a category-changing innovation (and if you’ve ever taken a whiff of beef-stew baby food in a jar, that’s no surprise).

Baby food sales had been declining year over year by 2%; meanwhile, baby-food pouches–which currently represent about 9% of the total baby food category–have grown 506%, according to Nielsen Data. 

Nest Collective cofounder and CEO Neil Grimmer says the company’s purpose is to “nourish the organic generation from high chair to lunchbox.” 

“We are the parents that we serve,” Grimmer says. “Our creative process starts with that–living the lives of the ones we serve. I look at what my kids eat every day, what they don’t eat, and try to use that as a point of inspiration.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Grimmer about how his company is transforming nutrition for a new generation. 

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