Citigroup: Expect Amazon Smartphone By End Of 2012, Call Facebook Friends With Skype, PayPal Launches Facebook App

New Nokia Phone Stars In Leaked YouTube Video. A leaked developer video from Nokia features an unnamed new phone, now thought to be the Lumina 900 or “Nokia Ace.” When it launches, it will follow Nokia’s other Windows phones, the Lumina 710 and Lumnia 800, which launched earlier this month. —NS

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French physicist Louis Daguerre developed the daguerrotype process for transferring photographs onto silver-coated copper plates. He’d be 224 years old today.

Citigroup: Expect Amazon Smartphone By End Of 2012 Two Citigroup analysts have predicted in a report that Amazon may be working on a smartphone costing about $150, with partner Foxconn, due to launch in time for the holidays next year. One of the pair, Internet research analyst Mark Mahaney, correctly predicted Amazon would release with a budget e-reader before the end of 2011, PaidContent reports. —NS

Facebook/Skype Integration Goes Further. Skype’s latest update lets Skypers call Facebook friends without logging on to the social network, through their Skype accounts. Facebook unveiled its Skype-powered video chat feature embedded in the social network this summer. —NS

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PayPal Launches Facebook App. PayPal has launched a new application for Facebook which lets users send money to each other without leaving the social network. (An optional customizable greeting card could be sent too.) According to the welcome page on SendMoney, this within-Facebook app “provides the same level of security” as regular PayPal. —NS

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