Google Music Expected, Authors Call Kindle Lending Library A Contract Breach, Miramax On Board Netflix U.K.

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Tumblr Vs. SOPA. Tumblr is raising awareness about the Protect-IP Act and the Stop Online Privacy Act, which are being debated in Congress today. As users log in to their Tumblr dashboards, posts are blacked out as if censored and there is a link at the top of the page which takes users to a post hosted on Tumblr’s site encouraging users to take action. –KE


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U.S. Authors Say Kindle Lending Library Breaches Contracts. The U.S. Author’s Guild has joined literary agents in calling out Amazon on a break of contract over its Kindle lending library. The lending library service allows Kindle-owning Amazon Prime members to check out one book a month, free of charge, with no return date. The guild has said several publishers have refused to participate after Amazon “simply disregarded” their wishes, the Guadrian reports. —NS

Google Music Announcement Expected Today. Google is expected to reveal its music service, Google Music, at an event in Los Angeles today. Sony and Google have signed a deal on content, and sources have told Bloomberg other companies–Universal Music Group and EMI Group–have also signed on as well. Google’s pricing is expected to be comparable to costs on Apple‘s iTunes, with songs costing between $0.99 and $1.29. —NS

Four Astronauts Get Congressional Gold Medal. Early U.S. space pioneers will recieve the Congressional Gold Medal from the U.S. Congress today. Three of the winners, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins were part of the first manned mission to the moon. The fourth winner, John Glenn, was the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the earth. In other space news around the world, Russian craft Soyuz TMA-22 has successfully docked with the International Space Station, sending 3 cosmonauts on board. —NS

X-ray Body Scanners Banned In Europe Airports. Concerned about “citizens health and safety” the European Union has banned airports in 27 countries from using X-ray body scanners currently deployed by the hundreds at airports across the U.S. X-rays and their ionizing radiation has been linked in very low numbers to DNA damage, increasing the risk of cancer in people who are frequently exposed to X-rays. European airports will use scanners which use radio frequency waves rather than X-rays, which U.S. airports also use. —NS


Ulan Bator To Freeze River For A Cooler Summer. Ulan Bator hopes to cool off this summer using slowly melting water from its artificially deep-frozen river Tuul. Guided by geoengineers, a Mongolian engineering firm will bore holes into surface ice as it sets on the river this winter, allowing liquid water below to seep out and form additional layers every so often. The thick ice melts slowly, and officials and geoengineers hope that will decrease the severity of the summer and drop energy use in the city. —NS

Miramax Coming To Netflix U.K.. Miramax is the latest in a line of film studios that have announced streaming team-ups with Netflix in the U.K. and Ireland. Miramax follows Lionsgate U.K. and MGM who’ve announced their partnerships in the past few weeks. —NS

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