Yahoo Mail Launches In Arabic, DOJ Claims Lying Online Is Illegal, NYPD Clears Out Zuccotti Park

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Yahoo Mail Launches in Arabic. Yahoo Maktoob, Yahoo’s Middle Eastern arm, launched an all-Arabic edition of Yahoo Mail on Monday. While Yahoo Maktoob has offered Arabic-language email services for quite some time, this is the first time that Yahoo’s new email interface has been ported into Arabic. —NU


Justice Dept.: Lying Online Is Illegal. The Department of Justice issued a statement today that argues they have the right to prosecute violation of website Terms of Service agreements. According to the DoJ, the cyberbullying-inspired Computer Fraud and Abuse act enables them to go after the operators of fraudulent Facebook and profiles. Legal scholars are divided on whether the provisions of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act allow the Justice Department to prosecute online trolling aficionados. —NU

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Disappear From Google’s Wi-Fi Radar. Google Maps collects data from personal Wi-Fi networks across the U.S. to help a device out with location identification. When Google collected Wi-Fi network info along with its Google Street view shots in 2010 it picked up Wi-Fi network info, it sponged up some personal details like bits of emails, New Scientist explains. This raised some privacy concerns. Google’s now announced there’s a way to opt out of its Wi-Fi tracking system: just add “_nomap” to the end of your Wi-Fi network name. —NS

LinkedIn Takes Business Cards 21st Century. According to LinkedIn, the enterprise-centric social network, it’s “taken a giant leap forward to reinventing business cards with a complete relaunch of the LinkedIns CardMunch iPhone app.” It’s a revamp, and a streamlining of the existing service and it’s updated its links to LinkedIn profiles so users can get instant access to “deeper” information about the people linked when you access a digital business card. –KE

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NYPD Clears OWS Camp In Zuccotti Park. New York police cleared the makeshift Occupy Wall Street camp in Zuccotti Park last night, displacing the assembled protestors at what was the heart of the global Occupy protests. A tweet from the NYC mayor’s office indicated that the protestors could return after the park was cleared, but it failed to say when. According to a newly set up Twitter feed, @OccupyFoleySq, large groups of OWS protestors are now congregating in lower Manhattan’s Foley Square. Mayor Bloomberg issued a statement saying, in part: “This action was taken at this time of day to reduce the risk of
confrontation in the park, and to minimize disruption to the surrounding
neighborhood. Protestors were asked to temporarily leave the park while this
occurred, and have been told that they will be free to return to the
park” once it is cleaned.–NS

Christie’s First Online-only Auction Showcases Liz Taylor’s Stuff. Grand old auction house Christie’s is opening its first online-only auction on December 3, featuring selections from Elizabeth Taylor’s possessions. Until December 7, fans of the actress can bid on her jewelry, fashion accessories, and decorations. Christie joins other age-old brands, like Ralph Lauren, who are dropping classical approaches to selling and advertising in favor of a fresher, digital approach. —NS

Court Sets March Date For Apple-Samsung Case. Samsung’s appeal to ban Apple’s iPhone 4S in Australia will be heard out in March. The hearing will take place over three weeks, a judge has said, during which Samsung will have a chance to convince the court of its patent case against Apple. Samsung has cases lodged against the company in four other countries, but won’t block the sale of Apple devices on Samsung’s home turf in South Korea, the company announced yesterday. —NS

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