Amazon Kindle Fire Reviews, China’s Second Space Docking, Intel And MasterCard Ally For NFC Payments, iPhone 4S Coming To India

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Apple Launches iTunes Match. Apple has just released a new version of iTunes, 10.5.1, that includes iTunes Match. This is Apple’s paid cloud music storage/psuedo-streaming service that’s being heralded as a clever way to monetize piracy by some. It’s available in the U.S. at first, but a number of other nation’s iTunes sites have a “coming soon” flag for it. –KE


Facebook Disables Salman Rushdie’s Page. As revealed by a (verified account!) tweet from the author himself, two days ago Facebook disabled Rushdie’s Page saying they “didn’t believe” it was his. He was required to verify his ID with a passport image, and then after agreeing on his identity the site demanded he use his first name, Ahmed, rather than his usual name. Facebook has since declined comment to Rushdie. UPDATE: Facebook has now “buckled” to Rushdie’s demand, after he used Twitter as a complaint platform. –KE

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News Outlets Use Twitter For Promotion More Than Interaction . 93% of posts on a news organization’s Twitter feed point back to their websites, a study from Pew Research Center’s Project For Excellence in Journalism has found. When they looked at the most followed journalists at the 13 news outlets studied, only 6 percent of their tweets came from outside the organization. —NS

China Completes Second Space Docking. China’s space dreams are pinned, in large part, to the success of their spacecraft and space laboratory currently in orbit. The duo successfully docked two weeks ago. Today, in another milestone, the trip the two vessels disengaged then successfully re-docked. —NS

Samsung Won’t Sue Apple In S.Korea. A puzzling pivot from its usual strategy, Samsung has decided against blocking the sale of iPhone 4S sales in South Korea. Samsung has lined up lawsuits in Australia, France, Italy, and Japan, and had earlier announced similar plans to trip Apple at home. –NS

Amazon Kindle Fire Reviews Hit. Amazon’s tablet may be the most important product coming from Amazon, and the reviews of the Android tablet are hitting this morning. Some are highly enthusiastic, others note that the price-limited specs of the tablet really impact the user experience. It may be a “terrific tablet for its price,” but the trend leans toward an opinion like it’s “no iPad killer–but it is a killer device.” –KE


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Netflix Inks Content Deal With Lionsgate U.K. Netflix is making steady strides into Europe, and just announced its partnership with Lionsgate U.K. Per the multi-year TV agreement, Netflix will have exclusive first-streaming access to Lionsgate productions in the U.K. and Ireland. Earlier this month, Neflix signed on MGM Studios for streaming content in the two countries. The service is expected to launch in the U.K. and Ireland in 2012. —NS

Intel And MasterCard Join Forces For NFC. The two companies are playing off each others’ strengths to make online shopping safer and quicker. The features are targeted at Ultrabooks running Intel’s Identity Protection Technology, and will secure users against malware while allowing them to purchase things by tapping their MasterCard PayPass card, smartphone, or tag against the Ultrabook to check out. —NS

iPhone 4S Debuts In India On November 25. A month and a bit after its U.S. launch, the iPhone 4S will start selling in India. Local carriers Aircel and Bharati Airtel will launch the phone after midnight on November 25, with major stores staying open for the launch, the Times of India confirms. The carriers have yet to say how much the phone will cost Indian shoppers. —NS

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