Are You Driving Your Customers Away?


We hear a lot these days about personal branding. You create your personal brand by the way you work, your work quality, your work ethic, the way you present yourself, your reputation–everything you do. Even the way you drive.  

Small business tip of the day: You should always be a courteous driver and obey the traffic laws, especially when you have the name of your company plastered all over your vehicle. (In an effort to not be too harsh, I did avoid using the words “moron” and “idiot” here.)

Today, a truck from a local glass-replacement company tried to cut me off in the high school parking lot, then tailgated me to the light and eventually sped around me, going well above the school zone speed limit.

Here is what that says about a company:

You cut corners

You don’t follow the rules

You don’t care about others

You don’t care about my valuables (my kid)

And, your follow-up customer service will probably suck

By the way, if your phone number is also posted on the vehicle, I am the one who calls it to let you or your boss know what you are doing to your brand.

Dayna Steele is a popular business speaker, author and media strategist. She does not have her name or number on her car but she does wear her seatbelt and drives nicely.