Penn State Reminds Us, Darkly: Always Do The Right Thing Now, Not Later

I always end my business speech with the same thing. “No matter what the consequences, no matter what the profit or the loss, do things because it is the right thing to do. In your heart, you know what that is.”

I also advise clients to stay away from commenting, tweeting or posting on religion, politics, cats or controversial subjects.

Until Penn State.

It is time to speak up. It is time to stop protecting your bottom line and net profits. It is time to remember that we are all in this together and must protect each other, protect our children and always do the right thing. 


A local radio personality always ends his show with this comment, “When you see a wrong, right it.”


Don’t wait ten years.

Dayna Steele is a media strategist, author and business speaker. Today, she is also a pissed off mom.

[Image: Flickr user sunface13]