Readmill’s Henrik Berggren Is Making Your Social Graph An E-Bookstore

One major drawback to e-books is that there is no easy way to share text among friends. And there’s little incentive for Amazon or Apple to solve this problem. That makes it a great opportunity for a startup like the Berlin-based Readmill, which lets you highlight a passage, add a note, share it with friends online, and see which books are popular in your social graph.

In this episode of Innovation Agents, Readmill cofounder Henrik Berggren talks about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, and offers some advice for how to prepare yourself to take on the challenge. “I do everything,” he says. “From day-to-day it changes totally, and that’s what I really love about working at a startup.” After the video, head over to the Readmill website to sign up for the private beta.

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