Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo Band Together For Ads, Facebook’s Biggest User Will Soon Be India, Adobe Dumps Flash On Mobile

Amazon Fans Its Kindle Fire Flames With Apps. Ahead of its arrival next week, Amazon is making an effort to promote its Kindle Fire by mentioning it’ll have “several thousand” apps available, including “Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, Rhapsody, Games from Electronic Arts, Zynga and Rovio.” There’s also an offer for free apps, and apps will be compatible with “other Android devices.” This week competitor Barnes and Noble revealed its own Android tablet, mentioning that Netflix and other apps would be pre-loaded. –KE

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Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo Band Together For Ads. The advertising partnership will allow the companies to sell each others’ unsold display ads, Reuters reports. Preempting censure from the Department of Justice, they say the linkup will not affect competition, and they will continue to compete with each other for advertising spending and publishing partners. —NS

Facebook’s Biggest User Will Soon Be India. Facebook and MediaTek are partnering up to make low-cost feature phones that are Facebook compatible. The mobile expansion and India’s growing web-savvy population is expected to drive India to surpass the U.S. and Indonesia as the biggest user base on Facebook, the Economic Times reports. According to one study in June, one in three Internet users in India is on Facebook. —NS

Adobe Dumps Flash On Mobile. The company will focus need to focus on HTML5 compatibility for mobile devices, after abandoning its failed efforts to bring Flash to a majority of the mobile market. Flash compatibility is a key difference between phones running Android and Apple’s iOS (Steve Jobs’s distaste for Flash was notorious), but Adobe’s about-face on the Flash front will mean this will no longer be the case. —NS

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