Self-Proclaimed “Fail Factory” 500 Startups’ Recipe For Success

When it comes to Silicon Valley startups, success stories are a dime a dozen. Where it really gets interesting is when you start talking failure. And no one has a more unique view on failure than Dave McClure, founding parter of VC and incubator firm 500 Startups

“The alternate name we came up with for 500 Startups was ‘fail factory,’ says McClure. “We’re here trying to ‘manufacture fail’ on a regular basis, and we think that’s how you learn. Getting used to that, bouncing back from that, being able to figure out what people hate and turn that into what people love…if you’re not willing to take the risk of failing and not experience failure, you’re never going to figure out what the right path is to success.”

McClure and his team have made more than 200 investments in fledgling companies (more than 60 of which have women founders/CEOs–an unusually high percentage in the world of startups), and 70 companies have graduated form its accelerator program.

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[Image: Flickr user technotheory]