Honeywell’s Jim Rekoske On The Viability of Biofuels

Honeywell’s Jim Rekoske On The Viability of Biofuels
Jim Rekoske | Photo by Saverio Truglia

Photo by Saverio Truglia

Jim Rekoske
VP for renewable energy
and chemicals / Honeywell
Des Plaines, Illinois

Rekoske is part of Honeywell’s specialty materials unit, UOP, which licenses its biofuel technology to refineries and for military demonstration flights.

“We’ve been in the industry for 97 years, and we’re very good at knowing how to make the right fuels for the right specifications. We transform natural oils to look exactly like the petroleum-based fuels of today. Our fuel can come from camelina, which is grown in dry-land wheat rotation. Nature provides the energy to create the feedstock–we just have to nudge it in the right direction. With a single feedstock, we can make fuel for the military, commercial aviation, trucks, and cars. It’s challenging to get the whole value chain–agriculture, chemistry, logistics–to work together. We’re not going to change over from petroleum anytime soon, but there will be other solutions too.”

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