Go “Home” With A Fast Company T-Shirt

Fast Company T-Shirts

As revealed a few days ago, Sony has finally launched the new version of PlayStation Home. As you explore the new districts, engage in new quests, and play the free games, do it in style–in a Fast Company T-shirt.

The code and directions to get your shirt are below. So logi n to Home and get your virtual swag today. And as FC’s resident gamer, I’ll see you there.

  1. The voucher code for the T-shirts is 6HB4-Q2NJ-QH5C
  2. This code is redeemable from the “Redeem Codes” icon in the PSN category of the XMB or in the PS Store under the “Redeem Codes” icon in the top right.
  3. The code will unlock both a male and female T-shirt.
  4. Once the code is redeemed, the T-shirts will be readily available in the user’s Home wardrobe.

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