Don’t Wait For The Customers To Come To You

Don’t wait for the customers to come to you. You go to the customer.

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Apple products. (Disclaimer: Yes, a stockholder as well). I’ve spent quite a bit of time in my local Apple store, buying products and learning to use them. I’ve even been invited in a few times to speak to their business customers. 

Last month I received a call from the store’s business manager. “We had our regular staff meeting this morning and your name came up,” the manager said. “We realized that none of us has seen you for a couple of months. Just wanted to make sure you are okay and see if there is anything we could do for you.”


When is the last time you called a good customer who you haven’t seen or heard from for an inordinate period of time, to simply say “Hello, we haven’t seen you in awhile, everything ok? “   

That, my dear, is customer service.

Serial entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Dayna Steele travels the world to improve performance, create strong teams, increase company sales and grow businesses with her Rock Star Principles of Success. Dayna is the author of Rock to the Top: What I Learned about Success from the World’s Greatest Rock Stars. Her forthcoming book is 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day.

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