iPhone App Tracks Guerillas, Facebook Project Hacked, China Tops Booming Asian App Market, Apple To Issue iOS5 Battery Bug Fix

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New iPhone App Tracks African War Atrocities. The NGO Resolve, which Fast Company has written about before, has released an iPhone application which tracks Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) atrocities in real time. The LRA is a guerilla force operating in East Africa which has been implicated in war crimes, mass abuse, and the kidnapping of child soldiers. — NU


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Facebook Open Source Project Seemingly Hacked. Unless the folks at Javelin intented to describe it as a “large, bloated library with an unintuitive, verbose syntax and very few features…,” it seems the open source Javascript library funded by Facebook has been opened up a bit too far. There’s more. And the unflattering description lives here, too. To be clear, this might not be what Mark Zuckerberg means when he touts a “more open and connected” world. —TG

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China Tops Asia’s Booming App Market. Dropping costs of older iPhones and increasingly capable basic Android devices are fueling an app boom in Asia led by China, a new study reports. China, the biggest app market after the U.S., grew from representing 1.2% of all apps downloaded globally in January, to 12% in October, Flurry Analytics has found. —NS



Apple To Issue Fix For iOS5 Battery Bug. “But my battery life sucks” was many an iPhone 4S owner’s lament in the hours after they bought the latest iPhone. Some owners of older iPhones who upgraded to Apple’s iOS 5 have shared similar concerns. Apple, mum until now, has finally acknowledged that the iOS 5 software contains a bug. They will issue a fix shortly to stanch the rapid outflow of battery life, AllThingsD reports. Well, phew. —NS

Free Lending Library For Amazon Prime Members. Subscribers to Prime, Amazon’s premium membership service, can add free book lending to the list of their perks that come with being a member. Amazon has made “thousands” of books, including 100 New York Times bestsellers, available for free download onto Prime members’ Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire. Did we mention there are no due dates? —NS

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