Fabian Stelzer Uses Neuroscience To Make Your Website Stickier

That’s about how long I have to capture your attention on this website and convince you to stick around. Fabian Stelzer used his training in neuroscience to improve the odds by helping create a tool for web designers that analyzes just how sticky their web page is likely to be. EyeQuant, the company Stelzer cofounded, let’s you upload any web page and get an instant read on where a visitor’s eyeballs are likely to land. The analytics tool can then suggest modifications to the page based on a database of test cases. 

There is no direct route to such an esoteric and forward-looking business. It was Stelzer’s experience at a Boulder-based startup that opened his mind to the possibility. “I realized,” he says, “it’s possible to just have an idea, start working on it, publish it, you have people using it and this is something that might change the world.” This is his story.

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