New PlayStation Home Debuts Tomorrow, Yahoo And BBC Sign Content Deal, WikiLeaks’ Assange Loses Extradition Appeal

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PlayStation Home Redesign Launches Tomorrow Sony announced today that its redesign of virtual network PlayStation Home will debut online November 3. As previously reported, Home will now be divided into districts based on game genres: Action District, an urban environment for shooter fans; Sportswalk, featuring stadiums for sports fans; Adventure District, a jungle environment for adventure and role-playing gamers; and Pier Park, a boardwalk mall devoted to casual gaming. The new version of Home has an increased focus on providing exclusive events and unique games. Fast Company will have more on PlayStation Home when it launches tomorrow; stay tuned. —KO


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BBC And Yahoo Sign Exclusive Content Agreement. Yahoo’s Middle Eastern portal Yahoo Maktoob has entered into an exclusive content-sharing agreement with BBC Arabic. Yahoo Maktoob, which is far more popular than its American counterpart, will have full access to the BBC’s Arabic-language video and television content. —NU

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AOL Posts Loss As Dialup Dwindles. Subscription revenue to AOL dropped 22 percent to $192 million contributing to AOL’s losses this quarter, despite growing advertising sales. From a profit of $171.6 million one year ago, the third quarter loss AOL reported was $2.6 million for Q3 2011. —NS


Google Offers Indian Businesses Free Websites
. Google India and HostGator are offering small and medium businesses in India a domain name, hosting space, and other tools to claim a website of their own. With, they are aiming to help 500,000 small business build their customer base by connectint with people online. —NS

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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal. London’s high court has ruled that the 40-year-old founder of the whistle-blowing website should be extradited. Assange may still appeal to Britain’s Supreme Court before being extradited to Sweden, where authorities want to question him over accusations of rape and sexual assault by two women. –NR

Google Will Index Facebook Comments. Comments posted on websites using Disqus, Intense Debate and Facebook were skipped over by Google search because of the way they were read by the search engine. No longer–Google has updated its search to read public comments posted on websites through services like Facebook Connect. Also, links in the comments could affect the rank of the website, the Telegraph explains. —NS

Twitter Is Collecting Tales Of Tweets. Twitter has launched a new website which will collect and publish stories about how tweets are having an impact or changing lives of people around the world. The website will be updated every month, and tweeters are invited to share their stories via #twitterstories. In one story on the new website, a Japanese fishing association has fisherman tweet about their morning catch from their boats. This way, they begin to sell their catch before they get back to shore. —NS

Sony Forecasts $1.1 Billion Loss. Sony is forecasting a loss of $1.1 billion for the year after floods in Thailand have crippled Sony factories in the country, setting it back 9 percent on TV production. The floods, rising Yen, and dipping prices on its televisions are behind the revised forecast, leading Sony to a net loss for the fourth year in a row, Reuters reports. —NS


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