Sifteo’s David Merrill Imagines The Future Of Intelligent Play

Game maker–and game changer–Sifteo is building the future of play by incorporating the best of its past, combining the interactive nature of video games with the hands-on feel of timeless classics like dominoes, chess, and the Rubik’s Cube. 

“We’re building the kind of games that people can feel good about, games that you don’t feel like you’re rotting your brain when you play,” says David Merrill, Sifteo cofounder and president. “It’s wholesome, hands-on” and gets your brain and hands working in unison.

Speaking of brains, the company is pulling in big talent to create more fun. Earlier this month, Sifteo released Matchination, a game created by expert puzzle maker Scott Kim; in September, it released The Cogwell Twins and the Amazing Alpha-Matic, created for pre-readers by Montessori Educator and Curriculum Specialist Victoria Matthews. Amateur and pro gamers alike can get in on the fun by desigining games with its software development kit.

Sifteo has earned high marks both for fun and stellar design, and Sifteo cubes are featured in the “Talk to Me” exhibit currently on view at the Musem of Modern Art in New York.

“It’s magic to watch people interact with our product,” says Merrill, who recently sat down with Fast Company to tell us what inspires him to create and build. Watch the video below for more. 

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