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Cover Story: The Kid Who Turned Down $1 BILLION, pg. 74.
Silicon Valley was all abuzz when Mark Zuckerberg and his geek buddies blew a golden opportunity last year when they passed up linking their Web 2.0 startup Facebook with a big media giant. In a rare interview, Fast Company Senior Editor Ellen McGirt uncovers why the 22-year-old hacker-turned-CEO turned down $1 billion and reveals his future plans for Facebook.

DayJet's Plans to Revolutionize the Airline Industry, pg. 100.
The math wizards at DayJet are combining numbers with powerful software and a non-traditional approach to build a smarter air taxi. Fast Company Contributing Writer Greg Lindsay is available to discuss how DayJet's unconventional thinking could change the problem of the traveling-salesman.

A Solution to Make Piracy Profitable, pg. 53.
Are lawyers the only solution to the pending $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Viacom against YouTube? The May issue of Fast Company reports on an emerging strategy that co-opts video pirates to spread media virally for the owner's profit. The new plan is tied to high-powered search technology that lets people find videos that contain specific words-and could oblige them to watch an ad before they get to the video. Fast Company Contributing Writer Adam Penenberg is available to comment on Viacom's suit, the burgeoning piracy of copyrighted video, and provide a strategy that makes piracy profitable to copyright holders.

The Appeal and Risks of Brand Authenticity, pg. 82.
In an increasingly shiny, fabricated world of spun messages and concocted experiences - where nearly everything we encounter is created for consumption - elevating a brand above the fray requires an uncommon mix of creativity and discipline. Nowhere do you see the challenge more starkly illustrated than in the quest for authenticity. When a brand asserts authenticity in a clumsy way, it quickly breeds distrust or, at the very least, disinterest. Fast Company Editor Robert Safian is available to discuss how BMW, Nike, and Starbucks sell authenticity and provide tips on what it takes to make your brand real in an ultra-competitive market.

Can Workaholics Change Their Ways, pg. 37.
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently launched a new program designed to stamp out and tame chronic workaholics. Under the new plan, consultants who average more than 60-hours per week over any five-week period are flagged on reports and provided a variety of time-saving solutions to help manage their workflow. Fast Company Executive Editor Keith Hammonds is available to discuss the successes and challenges BCG has faced under this new program.

Innovation Scouts, pg. 90.
In a connected economy, businesses can't rely on the same old ideas. To succeed companies need to uncover innovation from unexpected sources, in unexpected ways. Fast Company Staff Writer Danielle Sacks is available to discuss how creative technology and media businesses are unearthing new ideas in unexpected places, including an "American Idol"style contest at Adobe Systems and eBay's new "disruption" team.

Workplace Games That Instill Corporate Culture, pg. 61.
Want to drop employee churn from 900% to 100%? On a biannual basis, Whatsburger - a family-owned business that started with a single burger stand in Corpus Christi, Texas and now spans nearly 700 restaurants in 10 states - gathers its best employees to compete for bragging rights, cash, prizes, and medals in a creative mass training and loyalty exercise that masquerades as a corporate Olympics called WhataGames. Fast Company Senior Editor David Lidsky is available to discuss how Whatsburger uses corporate culture to keep employee retention low and motivation high.

iPhone Alternatives, pg. 96.
The Apple iPhone is set to hit stores this summer. For those who can't wait or are reluctant to shell out $500 - $600, Fast Company Senior Editor Ellen McGirt is available to provide a feature-by-feature breakdown of the new iPhone - and discuss how it stacks up against six competitors that already offer visual voice mail, desktop-style internet, and similar features.

The Rise of the Professional Web, pg. 56.
Fast Company Senior Editor David Lidsky is available to discuss the latest professional Web sites designed to help you manage your career and do your job better.

The Latest in Ultra-Light Camping Equipment, pg. 66.
Thanks to high-tech and design advancements, outdoor adventurers can cut their load in half. From comfortable backpacks and sleeping bags that fit into your side pocket to the fastest-boiling light-weight stove, Fast Company Senior Editor Ellen McGirt is available to demonstrate the latest lightweight outdoor sporting equipment.

A Look Into the Future of Bagless Travel, pg. 66.
Business travelers rejoice! Why bother hauling your luggage to the airport when you can have it cleaned, packed, and shipped for you. Fast Company Senior Editor Ellen McGirt is available to discuss the growing popularity in luggage delivery services and give a peek into the future of bagless travel.

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