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Cover Story: China Means Business, pg. 64.
If you think the Chinese will never catch up in the creative fields like design, architecture, advertising, and fashion, you’re kidding yourself. The next cultural revolution is happening in China. As a new global generation comes into its own, the old obedience is giving way to an edgy, outward-looking culture that’s eager to compete anywhere. Fast Company Deputy Editor Will Bourne is available to discuss the latest innovators from China’s young, new creative class who are quickly building the country’s creative infrastructure – and making the world take notice.


The Selling of a President, pg. 23.
The ’08 presidential campaign promises to be the most heavily e-marketed contest in history. From social networks and blogs to viral videos and grassroots efforts, it takes a new breed of political operatives to traverse the terrain. Fast Company goes behind the scenes with the players on the cutting edge of the 2008 presidential election. From a group in Sacramento using social networking tools to start what is now the largest and most active grassroots Barack Obama group in the country to an online political fundraising effort that used the power of social networking to raise $17 million for the 2006 Congressional races. Fast Company Senior Writer Ellen McGirt is available to discuss how social networking and the Internet will change campaign ’08.

The Most Dangerous Job in Business, pg. 33.
The Chief Marketing Officer, or its org-chart equivalent, may be the riskiest job in the American C-suite. A veritable who’s who of companies – Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Gap – have seen their CMOs get axed within the past 12 months. For the past three years, SpencerStuart has reported that tenure for CMOs at the top-100 consumer-branded companies has averaged a scant 23 months. Why have so many highly-visible CMOs lost their jobs in the last few years and what is it going to take to get them off the endangered species list? Fast Company Senior Writer Ellen McGirt is available to discuss what it takes to succeed as a CMO today.

Next Generation Vending Machines, pg. 52.
Imagine a future where pocket change could be used to purchase DVD downloads, fresh ice-cream, or even a quick hair touchup… Traditional vending machines are evolving from selling mass-produced cans of soda to offering products and services created on demand, custom-tailored to customers’ preferences. Companies like MooBella, MOD Systems, and Beautiful Vending have capitalized on this trend. Fast Company Senior Writer Ellen McGirt is available to discuss the latest in vending machine innovations.

Coming to a Cell Phone Near You, pg. 92.
A watch with caller-id. A stereo that plays songs from your cell phone. A picture frame that shows off the pictures on your cell phone. This summer enjoy go-anywhere connectivity with hot new products that use Bluetooth to get the most from your phone’s (or laptop’s) music, photos, and calling features. Fast Company Staff Writer Michael Prospero is available to demonstrate the latest Bluetooth gadgets that make the most of your mobile phone.

The Last Green Mile pg. 37.
Solar energy is a $15 billion business worldwide and growing 40% annually. Public concern over global warming, the environment, and rising electric bills have started the race to build a one-stop national brand for all your clean power needs. The general idea: Call a toll-free number and a renewable-energy specialist walks you through the process, discussing the best technology options for your location. Fast Company Senior Editor David Lidsky is available to discuss upstarts that aim to do for clean energy what Home Depot did for home improvement.

Brave New Mouse, pg. 78.
When Disney-ABC agreed to sell its prime-time hits on Apple’s iTunes, the deal set off a revolution inside the media giant. Fast Company Senior Writer Chuck Salter is available to discuss how a new digital team with the spirit of a startup is reinventing TV-and why the industry is following.


Customized Running Tours, pg. 56.
Alone in a strange city? Customized running tours, the latest trend in business travel for cardio-addicts, combine the heart-healthy trip to the local fitness center with a guided tour of neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Little Italy, the Las Vegas Strip or the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Fast Company Senior Writer Ellen McGirt is available to discuss the latest customized running tours.

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